Previous employment verification can provide you with key information about an applicant’s work history, productivity, and overall work ethic. Former employers are valuable sources when compiling a complete profile on your applicant. Some candidates may be less than truthful about their employment history. Internal research shows this to be the number one discrepancy on resumes and job applications. Our background specialists verify information on your applicant’s resume. An Employment Verification can differentiate honest mistakes from truly egregious attempts to further one’s career through blatantly inflated claims of salary and responsibility or even attempts to cover up significant gaps in employment which should otherwise be explained.


When hiring an individual, companies base salary packages and positions on the individual’s education. Failing to verify important information can result in appointing unqualified people to positions they don’t deserve, which in turn affects your company’s ability to compete. Education is the most commonly falsified information provided on an application. NAS will provide confirmation of the applicant’s graduation, degree earned, major and minor courses of study, graduation date and institution attended. NAS also validates that the institution is an established and accredited school system.


NAS provides employment and education verifications in over 200 countries. We provide support for obtaining records on individuals in the US who have lived abroad, as well as best practices for companies who have offices around the world. The type and scope of information available in each country vary greatly due to many unique factors that exist abroad. Contact our offices for information and pricing pertaining to specific countries.


In organizations where specialized licenses are required, NAS can assist in verifying that an applicant not only possesses the license but that the license is in good standing. All license and certification verifications are conducted with the appropriate regulatory body. NAS and current status of the claimed license is reported. Disciplinary action, if present, is reported. NAS professional license and certification verification is performed on a wide variety of state-issued professional licenses for nurses, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, insurance agents, and many others.


Professional references help organizations gain an additional level of information on their applicant, beyond what is listed on their resume that can provide them greater insight to a person’s work ethic and abilities. Information gathered consists of but is not limited to character traits, reliability, demeanor, personality traits, attitude, and behavior. NAS offers a standard level reference check service to help expedite the process HR professionals must complete when screening an applicant. It will include the contacting of supervisors and coworkers to gauge the applicant’s capabilities and authenticate work history. The standard check uses a traditional set of questions and/or customers can develop a custom list.


Personal references will follow the same guidelines listed under the professional reference. Instead of contacting supervisors and co-workers we will contact friends and associates in order to complete the reference.


ALABAMA Not Available
ALASKA Available 1-2 day turnaround
ARIZONA Available 7-10 week turnaround; specific release required; surcharge $2.50
ARKANSAS Available Generic release required; surcharge $5.00


Not Available

Available 2-day turnaround; specific notarized release; surcharge $1.00

CONNECTICUT Available 1-2 week turnaround; generic release required and state conditional job offer
WASHINGTON DC Available 1-2 day turnaround
DELAWARE Not Available
FLORIDA Not Available
GEORGIA Not Available
HAWAII Not Available
IDAHO Available 5-7 day turnaround; specific release required; 5-year search on work history
ILLINOIS Available 1-2 day turnaround
INDIANA Available 5-7 day turnaround; generic release required
IOWA Available 3-5 day turnaround; approximate injury date; surcharge $6.00
KANSAS Available 1-2 day turnaround
KENTUCKY Available 7-10 day turnaround; generic release required
LOUISIANA Available 3-day turnaround; generic release required
MAINE Not Available
MARYLAND Available 1-2 day turnaround
MASSACHUSETTS Available 10-day turnaround; generic release required; surcharge $5.00
MICHIGAN Available 1-2 day turnaround; generic release required; records provided from 2005 – present
MINNESOTA Available 30-day turnaround; specific state form required
MISSISSIPPI Available 1-2 day turnaround
MISSOURI Available 3-15 day turnaround; specific release required; surcharge $5.00
MONTANA Available Generic release required
NEBRASKA Available 1-2 day turnaround; surcharge $5.00
NEVADA Not Available
NEW HAMPSHIRE Available 7-10 day turnaround
NEW JERSEY Not Available
NEW MEXICO Available 48 hour-1 week turnaround, generic release required; surcharge $10.00
NEW YORK Not Available
NORTH DAKOTA Available 1-2 day turnaround
OHIO Available 2-day turnaround; specific state form required
OKLAHOMA Available 3-5 day turnaround; specific state form required; surcharge $1.00
OREGON Not Available
PENNSYLVANIA Available 5-10 day turnaround; generic release required
RHODE ISLAND Not Available
SOUTH CAROLINA Available 3-5 day turnaround; generic release required; surcharge $10.00   
SOUTH DAKOTA Available 2-6 day turnaround; generic release required; surcharge $20.00
TENNESSEE Available 1-2 day turnaround; surcharge $10.00
TEXAS Not Available
UTAH Available 8-12 day turnaround; specific notarized release required; surcharge $15.00
VERMONT Available 1-2 day turnaround; fax job offer with signed generic release
VIRGINIA Available 1-2 day turnaround; if claim, send notarized form; surcharge $25.00
WASHINGTON Available 5-30 day turnaround; generic release required
WISCONSIN Available Must have injury date and employer name for each injury
WYOMING Available 1-2 day turnaround; must have claim number or date of injury